The library takes images in plain array format as input and converts them to a multi-size representation.

Following is a list of features:

  • Easy to use and fully documented API
  • Supports color depths from 8 bits per channel to 64 bits per channel
  • Support for different color models: grayscale, RGB, CMY and their variants, and even custom ones
  • Areas in the image can be marked for preservation or discard, or for additional seam rigidity
  • Once the image has been fully processed, the scaling can be done in real-time. In fact, the information can be saved and read out later without any further processing
  • The resizing is done with a single function which automatically performs all the necessary operations; it can also work in successive steps without wasting computational time
  • Possibility to tune the carving operation by letting the seams be less connected, or more rigid, or both (the rigidity can be modulated on a local basis)
  • Can export and import the visibility map (the seams)
  • Other images can be attached and undergo the same carving process as the parent image
  • The automatic feature detection algorithm can be tuned by selecting among different energy functions, and easily defining cusom ones
  • Reports progress through a customizable interface
  • A signalling system permits to handle errors cleanly
  • Portable to all major OS's
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